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The sun is starting to shine and outdoor spring maintenance is right around the corner. It’s important to maintain your home to prevent wear and tear. To keep your home structurally sound and safe, ready your home with these maintenance and prevention tips.

Pick up your property

Take a walk around your home and inspect any damage done. Avoid slipping or tripping on branches that may have fallen. Trim the trees and hedges, cut the lawn and pick up any branches. This article will help you prevent any home claims down the road.

Power wash your home’s exterior

This includes everything from the windows to your stairs and patio.

Examine the chimney, roof shingles and gutters

Clear out debris and check for any loose or leaky gutters. Check the chimney for cracks, clogs and deterioration and, if you see any issues, consider hiring a chimney sweep to get it cleaned and inspected.

Check outside fixtures and service lines

Ensure that outside faucets, light fixtures and outlets are working property. To check service lines, such as pipes and wires, consider hiring a plumber or electrician to ensure they are in working order. Protecting what’s underneath is crucial to keep your home up and running.

Perform maintenance on your lawn tools

This includes sharpening blades and oiling moving parts on lawnmowers, leaf blowers and trimmers.

If you own a pool…

You’ll want to make sure you clear the area around the pool of debris before you start filling it back up.

Staying safe indoors

While you’re sprucing up the outside of your home, don’t forget to check items inside such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and sump pumps. By taking steps to properly maintain your home, you’ll be able to continuously enjoy it for years to come. To make sure you have the right limits on home and umbrella coverage, contact us at (252) 637-4173 or our website https://www.ticnc.com/homeowners-insurance/ for more information.

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